French Insurance for Foreigners

Our company has specialized in arranging insurance for French risks on behalf of foreign investors or holding companies who may not be familiar with specific French features - the main ones are:

►  Obligatory 10 year guarantee on Building Work.

►  Residual Employers’ Liability insured under a Third Party policy.

►  Napoleonic Code Liabilities to landlords, tenants, and neighbours which are insured under a Property policy and excluded from a Liability policy.

►  Obligatory “Discovery periods” under French liability policies.

►  Tacit Renewal, assignment.

►  Obligatory Life and Pensions insurance, including often medical benefits.

►  Terrorism

There are also numerous points of detail which differ considerably from the practice in other countries.

All our staff understand English (it is a condition of their employment); some of them hold English technical qualifications.

At the latest count, we currently place and manage  French insurances on behalf of clients from no less than 20 countries outside France.